About Mind's Odyssey

Welcome to Minds Odyssey, the site designed to engage, fascinate and to teach children that are faced with learning challenges and learning disabilities while helping them with their organizational skills.  This site is also developed for the parents of these children that are desperately seeking answers to help their child along with educators and professionals that are seeking answers to the daily struggles to find real information and learning tools that can help.

You have come to the right place because this site was designed by parents much like yourself who has unconditional love for his child and was determined to help this child to learn despite his condition.  Regardless of a child’s specific level of learning challenge or disability, we have developed learning tools that combine 3D animation, video game play, music and engaging storylines that not only teaches cognitive learning skills but shows children how to use those learned behaviors to master life skills as well.  

Our motivating factors are quite simple we are reaching out to help and assist those in need.  We know the challenges and frustrations of growing up with learning disabilities because we grew with the condition ourselves and function today as productive adults with ADHD.  Growing up we were chastised, made to feel less than equal and struggling with our internal turmoil.  The world wanted us to confirm with their definition of normalcy but it is extremely difficult if not impossible to do when we are constantly struggling with inner turmoil.  This along with our hyperactivity makes concentration extremely difficult.  One finds it hard to concentrate on anything with this internal struggle and there were few educational tools that help to meet our needs.  Minds Odyssey was created to address these needs as well as special learning needs of all students regardless of your learning challenges.