The Resource Room

"Your Doorway to New Possibilities"

Welcome to the Resource Room, your link to information that can assist you in finding answers to your questions.  The Resource Room was designed to provide free information in your journey to your child’s, relative, a friends or even your challenged learning disability.  We have attempted to build a library of reading materials, video’s, recorded messages and information assist our audience in obtaining the information that they see.

Our mission is to help children that are learning challenged or maybe even learning disabled to find some answers for their sometimes chaotic and often turbulent world.  We have researched expertise from medical professionals, educators, parents, as well as children who struggle to learning and are seeking some answers.

This Resource Room will be a living project with information and research added on a weekly basis.  We encourage your input and would ask you to contact us should you believe there is a resource that belongs in The Resource Room.  Thank you for participating and contributing.