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Assistive Technology Tools

Assistive technology for kids with learning disabilities (LD) is defined as any device, piece of equipment, or system that helps bypass, work around, or compensate for an individual's specific learning deficits. Explore our Assistive Technology Database to learn more about AT tools and how they might be helpful to your child.

Certain assistive technology (AT) tools can help people who have difficulty processing and remembering spoken language. Such devices can be used in various settings (e.g., a class lecture, or a meeting with multiple speakers).

AT tools that assist with listening fall into two categories:

  • Personal FM Listening Systems

    A personal FM listening system transmits a speaker’s voice directly to the user’s ear. This may help the listener focus on what the speaker is saying. The unit consists of a wireless transmitter (with microphone) worn by the speaker and a receiver (with earphone) worn by the listener.

    What type(s) of learning difficulty do these tools address?

    This type of tool may benefit people who struggle with: listening or attention.

    Products to Consider:

  • Variable Speed Tape Recorders

    Tape recorders/players allow a user to listen to pre-recorded text or to capture spoken information (e.g., a classroom lecture) and play it back later. Variable speed control (VSC) tape recorders speed up or slow down the playback rate without distorting the “speaker’s” voice.